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Subject to the warranty conditions below, this CHEROKEE tool, (hereinafter called “the product”), is warranted by Cherokee (hereinafter called “the Company”) to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of original purchase covering both parts and labour.  Under the terms of this warranty, the repair or replacement of any part shall be the opinion of the Company or its authorized agent.  Should service become necessary during the warranty period the owner should contact the authorized Cherokee Retailer from whom the product was purchased, or the nearest Company branch office.  In order to obtain warranty service, the owner must include the Sales Docket and Warranty Certificate to confirm date of purchase.  This Product is sold by the dealer or agent or principal and the dealer has no authority from the Company to give any additional warranty or guarantee on the Company’s behalf except as herein contained or herein referred to.

Warranty Conditions

This warranty only applies provided that the Product has been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations under normal use and reasonable care (in the opinion of the Company) and such warranty does not cover the circuit breaker and the cable supplying electricity to the product nor the  water supply nor any consumable components, damage, theft of the product and/or malfunction or failure resulting from misuse, neglect, abuse, or used for a purpose for which it was not designed or is not suited and for and no repairs, alterations or modifications have been attempted by other than an  Authorized Service Agent, appointed by the company.  This guarantee/warrantee will not apply if the product is damaged by accident or if repairs arise from normal wear and tear and or any vis mayor (lightning etc.).
Accessories such as the circuit breaker at the point of supply and water pipes and attachments feeding the product with water and electricity are excluded from this guarantee. Normal consumable parts, such as the sealing tape specifically excluded from this guarantee.
The Company accepts no additional liability pursuant to this warranty for the costs of traveling or transportation of the Product or parts to and from the Service Agent – which costs are not included in this warranty. Nothing herein shall have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying any condition, warranty, right or liability imposed, to the extent only that such exclusion, restriction or modification would render any term herein void.

The Warranty is subject to the products being installed by a qualified electrician or authorized Lorenzetti Installer.